Once a month, 30 vendors will fill this store with incredibly unique treasures - Victorian to modern furniture, local and original art, collectibles, antiques and more. Flamingo Divine Finds is my "worth the drive" pick of the month. I'm obsessed with this store and try to get up there for every sale. You're guaranteed to see new and different stuff with every visit.

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I have found so many things at this store. Everything from knick-knack antiques to a classic radio/record player console. I've found antique furniture that has been brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint. I even have an antique sweater that I wear all the time. If you love going to flea markets, garage saling or hitting up antique shops, you'll love this store.

They are open the second weekend of each month beginning Wednesday. They are open right now. You can find Flamingo Divine Finds on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. For more info, click here. 



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