Thomas Rhett says he'll put out his third studio album this fall. During a interview with ToC's Billy Dukes before his headlining set on at Country Jam 2017 on June 18, Rhett revealed that the followup to 2015's Tangled Up is on its way.

While he didn't divulge too much about the specifics of the album, he did open up about a new song called "Life Changes," which will appear on the project. Rhett says the song is inspired in part by his daughter, Willa Gray, whom he and his wife recently adopted from Uganda.

"It's about my daughter and the passing of time," Rhett explains of the song. "It basically goes from me being in college to me being here now and how drastically my life has changed in the last five or six years and Willa being a huge part of that changing."

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But Rhett's family life isn't the only thing that has changed drastically in the past five years. Rhett's festival status has changed — just three years ago, he played a 4PM set at Country Jam, and now he's a headliner. That success is something that he will never take for granted.

"It's very weird going after Gretchen Wilson, that's for sure," he admits. "Gretchen was one of my favorite artists from the '90s and 2000s. To watch her play tonight is crazy. It felt like after 'Die a Happy Man,' it started to take off for us. To be headlining this place that we played three years ago is very surreal, for sure."

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