I know it's only my second trip to Duluth and the North Shore area, but I kind of feel like I'm an expert right now.

After months of begging my husband, I finally convinced him to take advantage of a beautiful (sunny and mid-40s!) Saturday in Minnesota and head to the North Shore. if you're reading this from out of state, the North Shore is essentially our "triangle" that cuts into Lake Superior.

This time of year, Minnesota's North Shore is famous for holiday celebrations, fantastic winter scenery and a lot of poutine - but we'll get to that later.

I was dying to finally see Split Rock Lighthouse while my husband chose Gooseberry Falls. Why not see both!? Here's a peek at our adventure!

If you're going to the Duluth area anytime soon, you might want to know these three things that we're glad we learned.

  1. Lake Superior is REALLY loud. The waves are intense and make a lot of noise when they hit the rocky shore!
  2. There's more to Duluth than Canal Park. Sure, that's where the restaurants are some pretty scenery is, but check out the areas outside of Duluth too. Depending on the season, some trails might be closed - so check that out before planning your day.
  3. You'll score some really interesting and creative Instagram shots! I found an old Coca-Cola mural in Two Harbors right across the street from Castle Danger Brewery! It's a must see!

See you on my next adventure! Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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