Downtown Rochester's signature winter event, SocialICE, kicked off its 2017 run with a great night on Thursday!

While the temperatures were still above freezing (and there were a few wet spots on the pavement), all the incredible ice bars and ice sculptures were in great shape and looked amazing!

Whether you're sampling one of the signature drinks from one of seven different specialty ice bars (my wife enjoyed the Mighty Morticia from Chester's Kitchen & Bar, which is sporting 'The Addams Family' theme this year), or just enjoying the many way-cool ice sculptures and music being spun by some incredible DJ's, you've gotta check it out for a true Minnesota winter experience!

SocialICE runs both Friday and Saturday nights from 4 to 10 p.m. on the Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester. (And even though we're supposed to see high temperatures in the upper 50's which may cause a little...uh... melting, the party is STILL on for both days!)

And, of course, it's FREE! Check out the pictures from Thursday night at SocialICE:


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