Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Two Minnesota State Troopers are being hailed for saving the life of a young woman after a traffic crash on an icy stretch of a Twin Cities freeway earlier this week.

The State Patrol says Troopers Cory Johnson and Brian Schwartz sprang into action when they responded to the crash site Wednesday night on I-35 in the far northern suburb of Wyoming and found 22-year-old Allyson Andert unconscious and seatbelted in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, which had come to rest upside down in a deep puddle. The Troopers, with assistance from another motorist, were able to free her from the water-filled passenger compartment and started administering CPR.

They were able to revive her but continued with the CPR because the Centerville woman was slipping in and out of consciousness. Eventually, to the great relief of both Troopers, officials say Allyson began spitting out water and fully regained consciousness. She ended up being transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul with non-life threatening injuries and is back home today recuperating from the close call.

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