Leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. Those are three of the areas that will be stressed this Friday at the U.S. Army high school challenge taking place at Faribault High School. The U.S. Army just started their recruitment campaign this week with the challenge in Glencoe. 

From front hangs on a pull-up bar, to a mini ropes agility course the students will be put through the paces Friday at Faribault High School to show kids how the Army works. According to the Amry's website GoArmy.com, 'the High School Challenge is designed as a hands-on engagement experience', that is 'similar to the challenges today's Army Soldiers encounter on the mission field.'

It's not all push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups though, the challenge also has a focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field with weight balancing exercises among some of the challenges highlighted by KSTP-TV's coverage of the stop in Glencoe. 

The U.S. Army high school challenge is in its 10th year of operation and is focused on students 9-12 grade.

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