How horrible would this be! You're relaxing in the bath, you get out and all of a sudden your wedding ring that you set on the side of the tub is gone! Ahhh I don't even want to think about that!

Unfortunately, that's just what happened to Sarah Wolff. "She thinks the cat knocked it down the drain," Sarah's husband Jacob Wolff told Kare 11.

They searched the drain and couldn't find it anywhere. This happened in March of last year. They didn't think they would see the ring again until one of Sarah's friends told her about a Facebook post.

During a routine sewer cleaning, David Sperling noticed something shining in the sewer so he grabbed it and sure enough it was a ring! He turned it in, to the City of Big Lake who then posted it on Facebook, which was then seen by Sarah's friend who alerted Sarah.

After an extremely thorough cleaning, Sarah finally has her ring back!


Source: Kare 11


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