Every sport is tough in its own way. As an athlete, you push your body to limits that sometimes folks can't understand. One sport that asks a lot of its athletes, is gymnastics. Those athletes have to defy gravity while putting their bodies in positions that aren't normal at all. Every time I watch them soar through the air I'm amazed.

Lexy Ramler is a Junior gymnast for the University of Minnesota. She has had an amazing career. According to the University of Minnesota Ramler, last year had a ton of success. There isn't enough room on this blog to tell you exactly how well she did and everything that she has accomplished. Last year is in the past, so let's talk about this year. She is starting the season out strong and this video proves it.

So fun fact about this video... she scored a PERFECT 10!!! She "hit" everything perfectly... no fumbles, no catches and all in a graceful manner.  You can tell by that big smile on her face as she stuck the landing, that she knew it was a big performance. Perfect 10's aren't easy to come across so that just goes to show how much of an athlete she truly is.

Congratulations girlie! Keep making leaps and bounds and you are going to have an even bigger season than last year.

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