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(UPDATED January 8, 2020) Yesterday I reported two Pine Island businesses were visited by a mystery woman delivering cash...she was sharing her stimulus check with them! Late last night I found out about a THIRD business.

On Trend Boutique posted this Wednesday.  The note reads, "I decided to donate my stimulus check to Pine Island area businesses. Here's your share."

Not a big note, but a big act...and whoever you are, thank you mystery woman...you're bringing smiles and hope.


If you thought the Season of Giving ended after Christmas, we have plenty of proof that's not true. The latest comes from at least TWO Pine Island business with a super giving customer that remains a mystery person!

Last week, two young boys used the money they earned selling sweet corn over the summer to replace tip money stolen from servers at Victoria's. You can see that beautiful story HERE

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 6th, two Pine Island, Minnesota businesses received some major love and support from customers.

Alphabetically, we'll start with Betty Sue's Better Brew Cafe, which posted this on Facebook.

James Rabe
James Rabe

A humbling moment....
If you ever questioned why you live in Pine Island I hope this gives you clarity. I’ve always known this is a great place to live and chose to raise my family here and start a business. Today during our lunch a kind lady walked in and said to my employee can I please speak to the owner.

As I talked to her she handed me an envelope that said Betty Sues. She said I want to give part of my stimulus check back to the businesses in our town that is affected by the shutdown.

I was stunned and told her thank you, but we all are in this. She said no please take it I want to do my part.

It deeply touched my heart that someone else is thinking of others that are affected by this pandemic! I want to reach out to her and say Thank you! Her act of kindness just proves what a great place Pine Island is!!

Isn't that beautiful? But this story isn't done yet!

I just walked in to the taco shop and was handed this envelope by my son (scroll down to see it).
A wonderful human being came in today and dropped this off.
We are beyond grateful, but we MUST find this kind-hearted woman to:
1. Return her money to her
2. Give her a HUGE hug
I don’t know who you are (yet), but this is one of the most kindest and selfless things I’ve ever seen someone do for an entire community.
I just want to be your friend. Being around good people is all I can ask for.
I know SOMEONE out there knows who this is. Please help me find her. ❤️

On the Let's Go Taco page, Robin CG commented something I think all the time. She said, "Makes you realize even in the worst of times there are still good people out there. Makes me proud to be part of the Pine Island community. Just warms my heart.❤️"

Thank you mystery giver for a reminder I realllly needed.

Did you receive money from the mystery giver, too? Please let me know, email me at james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com


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