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'Minnesota Salvage' is an HGTV show that follows Mankato, Minnesota single mom Heather Fisher as she finds abandoned home items and gives them new life. Sadly, the show only ever aired one episode. I reached out the Heather, and got to talk with her about why her show didn't take off.

If you aren't familiar with 'Minnesota Salvage' you can take a look at the original post I wrote before getting the chance to speak with Heather HERE.

Heather and I were chatting over Instagram. First we talked about her former business, Salvage Sisters, which is a store in Mankato that sells refurbished home items. I thought she still owned the business because they're still in operation, but she told me that she actually sold Salvage Sisters back in 2019. Another woman from 'Minnesota Salvage', Ginger, does own a business though, she owns Baubles and Bobbies.

Then I wanted to know how the filming went for her show because I know that process can be crazy! Heather said they filmed for 90 hours for the 30-minute pilot (GEEZ!). And all of the filming was on the weekends since she had a full-time job on top of flipping home items on the side. She told me "the whole experience was surreal."

Then we got into why 'Minnesota Salvage' never got past the pilot episode. Heather said that her show was "supposedly the most viewed show on the timeframe they aired it". Unfortunately, the woman who was in charge of 'Minnesota Salvage' and a few other shows left, and the shows she was working on "were on the chopping block." Fun fact about that woman in charge of Heather's show, she was one of the producers on the extremely popular 'Fixer Upper', which is so cool!

Heather told me that she "never got any 'real' reason [the show] didn't pick up" but her theory is it's because it was more of a flea market flip-type show and not a 'home' show so it would have fit into a DIY network more than HGTV. She also says another reason may have been because she was a single woman and not part of a husband-wife duo.

When I asked Heather if she still refurbished home items she said she doesn't really have the time for it anymore. She has three kids, a full-time job as a commercial interior designer, and does a lot of volunteer work on the side. She did say that that 7 years she was flipping home items, "was a fun part of [her] life".

If you want to check out my original post about 'Minnesota Salvage' you can check that out HERE.

Check out the trailer for 'Minnesota Salvage':

Minnesota Salvage - HGTV from Trailblazer Website on Vimeo.

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