Uffda. I have been a Minnesota Sports fan for my entire life. I was born pre-1991 so I was unable to witness that greatness. Yet, everything after that, I have been able to witness, remember and sob through.

It has been tough sledding. The Twins were the last male sports team to bring home a title. Thankfully, the Minnesota Lynx have been on a historic run in the WNBA and have brought home multiple championships.

This list though, it just flat out brutal.

Oh the agony. I read though these and all I can think of was "Yep, I remember that." "Oh, that was terrible, too!"

It has been a brutal 30 years for fans of the Wild, Twins, Wolves and Vikings. When will the agony end? It is tough to say. We thought it was going to be magical with the Vikings, and we had the Yankees right where we wanted them...again....and again was the same result.

A brutal list, compiled by Will Ragatz via Twitter. Hopefully that list stops soon.

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