I've been asking myself this question since I started working full-time five years ago, and I've learned a few things I'd like to share with you.

"Should we wear shorts to work?" It's the inevitable question we ask ourselves when we go through our closets every weekday morning during the summer. Minnesota has so few summer months that we want to milk them for everything they offer, right? I get the excitement over shorts.

Our employers sometimes do - or don't. My previous employer said no to them, and I respected that. Every workplace has their own dress code, so ultimately you're at the mercy of that if you want to keep your job. Just being honest. There are also unspoken rules as to what's "professional" and what isn't that we learn as we're employed.

However, if you work somewhere that the dress code is a bit relaxed, here's my personal opinion on wearing shorts to work: I see no problem with it if you wear them in a classy way. When I say "classy" I'm emphasizing the "sophisticated" part of its definition.

My general rules:

  • Nothing too short. Ain't nobody got time to see crazy amounts of booty outside of a Snoop Dogg video. Duh.
  • Colored fabric, or khaki: NOT DENIM. This is just my opinion, but I think the denim is too casual for a workplace. Great for the weekend or off-time, but not so much the office. Black is in, so is khaki, even a hint of green. To me, they just look better (and like you put in more effort) than plain denim.
  • The more "high-waisted" the better. You're not worrying about whether you're "covered" at work all day, and that style is trendy right now!
  • Pair shorts with a great heel or loafer. My personal opinion: flip-flops and sneakers might not be "professional" enough. They are definitely more stylish options anyway. A good loafer or kitten heel is a nice touch!

On those notes, this is me making my shorts "work" at work.

Did you notice my pair of black shorts that I wore with a kimono? I worked the kimono in to ensure "coverage" at work. I felt comfortable and wasn't worried about my outfit that day. That's just one idea for you.

Now if we could solve the office being "too cold" with the AC problem! HA!

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