Have you seen why Michael Phelps' son Boomer is a sensation. He's an adorable baby, so it isn't hard to see why he's a sensation already. However, he stole the show by making THE SAME FACE that his Dad made famous in Rio only yesterday! LOL!

Don't remember the Michael Phelps face (death stare... let's be honest)? No worries, take a peek at it here.

I tried my hand at a #boomerface but, he does a way better job than me! What do you think? Did I do a good job? Can you do better? Post a photo of yourself doing a #boomerface in the comments section below!

credit: Val Kleinhans, Townsquare Media
credit: Val Kleinhans, Townsquare Media

Yep, I told you Boomer Phelps did it best! Maybe I should've made a meme out of myself saying "When all the pizza is gone..." LOL! Could he be any cuter!? Make a meme out of yourself, too!

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