I mean, how deep do we really need to go here?

It's no secret that we've been in love for Channing Tatum forever. Especially since Step Up! ...which proved to be beneficial for him and us.... but, we'll get into that later.

Ladies, I give you the eye candy that's oh so dandy, with the junk in the trunk you think you thunk.... this week's HUNK!

Variety And WWD Host 2nd Annual StyleMakers Awards - Arrivals
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He's proven to be a fantastic actor that can do serious films (you do remember Step Up and The Vow, right?) and funny ones! Did you see 21 Jump Street? Yeah, we did too.

He's also done his part to make sure we have glorious hunks to look at in the future! That's right... we're talking about Magic Mike. Not only was it a successful movie, it's a live Vegas show now too.

I always LOVE seeing him, and his beautiful family on Instagram too. He loves showing off Jenna, his wife, and I don't blame him!

Seriously, the cuteness is real and we can't stand it! Channing Tatum - we salute you! See you guys for another hunk next week!



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