It's kind of obvious why we chose The Rock this week, but really, he's incredible for a lot of reasons.

Ladies, let's do this! He's the eye candy that's oh so dandy with the junk in the trunk you think you thunk - let's discuss this week's hunk!

'Baywatch' Photo Call In Berlin
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We got to know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a wrestler with the WWE years ago, and who knew he'd turn into the star that he is today!

Why is he so likeable? Well, a lot of reasons really.

Firstly, I'm going to suggest that it starts with his smile. He seems to be an overall positive person. I'll also throw in the fact that he's a fantastic actor landing a part in the biggest movie series EVER (literally, its made billions!) Fast & The Furious. He showed his comedic chops in Central Intelligence too!

More recently, The Rock totally clapped back at Baywatch haters in the nicest way possible. He pretty much laughed the whole thing off and kept things positive. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't really say if it's good or bad.

I'm also a fan of how disciplined he is. Yep! I'm talking about his workout routine. This dude just doesn't quit, and he's got numerous Facebook and Instagram posts to prove it. Have you seen what his cheat days look like!?

CRAZY!! That's probably my entire weight in food!

Lastly, on a serious note, I love that he's become an advocate for mental health (whether he wanted to become one or not, we aren't sure, but still...) with his recent video.

It's a wonderfully refreshing piece, and I applaud him for taking the time to speak at all. I'm going to add that I think it's especially important for anyone to speak about these things too. Fans of his may be more likely to seek help now, and I think that's what he's going for here.

Did you catch my similar video?

There's a lot of reasons to love The Rock.

Thanks for joining, ladies! See you for more hunky-ness next Thursday!

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