Sadly, the sale ended Tuesday, so you won't be able to take advantage of these incredible savings!


I noticed this sign in the seafood section of a Rochester store over the weekend. I was buying some shrimp, but my eyes are always drawn to those red SALE price tags. (Which, I'm guessing, is the point, right?)

Now, even though I'm no math expert -- I was consistent C student in math in both high school and college -- even I can see that, thanks to this sale, you're saving... a whole cent!

That's right, this incredible deal saves you 1/100th of a dollar for each pound of salmon you buy!

Let's say you like salmon. (I mean, who doesn't, right? We make a delicious cedar-planked salmon on the grill.) But you'd have to REALLY like salmon in order to realize some decent savings with this sale.

Heck, even if you bought 100 pounds (which would run you nearly $600) -- which is a LOT of salmon; I mean where would you store 100 pounds of salmon?!? -- you'd still only be saving... a whole $1.

So, yeah, I still like salmon. And I still like this store, too. In fact, we regularly shop there every week. Even if this sale wasn't quite the money-saver perhaps the sign made you think it was...

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