Fellas, don't panic - but Valentine's Day is this week. Valentine's is, of course, the one day of the year in which non-single people are contractually obligated to buy some romantic crap for their partner(s) simply because everyone else is doing it. The greeting card companies demand your cooperation!

But I digress.

There are plenty of different gift ideas you could go with, but they all have their drawbacks:

Diamonds? Way too expensive.

Chocolates? Eh, pretty cliche.

Roses? A LOT more expensive than you'd think.

A romantic hand-written card declaring your undying true love? Not for everyone.

A marriage proposal? I don't know, that's a pretty big commitment, man.

But if you have absolutely no idea what to get for your special someone, Business Insider has you covered with a brilliant idea: The Bacon-Rose Bouquet. Check it out:

I promise you, she's going to love it.

P.S. You can definitely still do this if you're single. More bacon for you!

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