We see them out on the highways across Minnesota, keeping things clear after a snowstorm. But now you can see what it takes for MnDOT to BUILD a snowplow-- in under two minutes.

We know they're big. We know they're powerful. But we probably don't know what it takes to actually assemble one of those many snowplows that the Minnesota Department of Transportation owns. But now, thanks to this way-cool video on MnDOT's Twitter page, you can see what it takes to actually build a snowplow.

According to MnDOT, check out the specs on those familiar orange and white plows that head out to clear the snow and ice off our Minnesota roads, highways and interstates.

"MnDOT plows stay in service for roughly 14 years. Each tandem axle truck has 10 tires, a 12-foot front plow, 2 brine tanks and a 13-liter engine. The back cargo boxes can hold up to 14 tons of material," MnDOT said on their Twitter page.

14 tons of material?!? Yeah, that's pretty impressive. And that's a lot of salt and sand they're carrying. Which serves as another reminder on how we should all give those plows the space they need to do their job when we see them out on the highway. And, we should also give those plow operators a round of applause for the tireless work they do DRIVING those plows too!

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