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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is in the middle of a big construction project on I-35 near the Minnesota River, and a new video shows how its progressing.

If you've driven to the Twin Cities on I-35 anytime in the past year or so, you know there's a HUGE project underway near the Minnesota River. MnDOT describes it like this:

MnDOT in partnership with Dakota County, Hennepin County, City of Bloomington and the City of Burnsville are developing a project to replace the bridge and pavement on I-35W between Cliff Rd. and 106th St. Raise I-35W out of the floodplain and improve pedestrian access across the river.

And, yeah, there's been a LOT of progress that's been made already. But as you're flying along I-35 at 65 miles an hour, you might not see all that impressive things that have already taken place. Which is why MnDOT has just posted a cool drone flyover video that shows how much things have changed from last summer.

Now, there's a lot more work to be done-- in fact, the entire project is set run through November of NEXT year (when we'll all be done talking about the confounded coronavirus... I hope, right?!?) But take a look at these two videos to see just what a massive project this really is, and how MnDOT has allowed traffic to continue to flow freely along I-35 as the project moves along.

Here's how it looked last summer:

And here's how it looks THIS summer...

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