The video I am about to show you will more than likely make you gag, and or vomit a little, and it is not because of the fact that it contains Packer fans. It is because of the fact that this Green Bay fan drinks beer poured down the top of a dumpster, and puts her lips on the lid...*gag*

I found this Tweeted video from what appears to be the Lions Packers game on Monday night. You know the game where the Lions lost on a last-second field goal, thanks to some questionable officiating. Here's the gag-inducing video:

While we aren't sure what beverage is being enjoyed with a shot of garbage juice, no one around this woman seems to notice or care what is taking place. Almost like it's a normal thing.

Now before all of Green Bay Nation comes after me, there are outliers to every fandom. You've got the professional wrestling loving Bills Mafia, and our very own Vikings have fans that aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.

But dumpster poured beer*? Hard pass. Skol!

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