The storms that moved through on Monday night were packed with wind, rain, and it seemed like after they had moved through parts of Southern Minnesota a lightning show. The cloud to cloud lightning lit up the sky in some spectacular ways. Further to our north a home was struck by a giant lightning bolt and it was caught on a doorbell video! 


Whoa! You can see the sky is kinda gray but it doesn't seem to be raining at all when the lightning bolt hits. According to Rudester's Tweet, it appeared that everyone inside the home.

The storm also dumped a large amount of rain across Southern Minnesota, 3" was recorded in Northfield, 2.8" in New Prague, and 2.04" in Miesville. From Duluth to Plymouth roads were flooded causing problems for motorists on their way home from work with the storms struck.

According to National Geographic, "Cloud-to-ground lightning bolts are a common phenomenon about 100 strike, Earth’s surface every single second." NOAA has a whole page dedicated to lightning information if you want to learn more about lightning strikes.

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