Seeing as we're in for some of the white stuff later tonight and tomorrow, you'll probably have to shovel where the plowed dumped all that snow at the end of your driveway, right? Which is why we need THIS snow plow here in Rochester!

I'm not exactly sure where this video was taken, but I'm lead to believe it's from somewhere in Alaska, if the information is correct. Which makes sense, seeing as they do get a lot of snow in Alaska.

So much, that some ingenious soul has developed an attachment for your standard snow plow that doesn't dump that load of snow in your driveway! You know, that big pile of wet, heavy snow that's incredibly hard to shovel-- and is sometimes even hard for your snowblower to get through? Not  a problem with THIS snow plow!

It's amazing! Watch it for yourself and see how it still removes snow from the road but yet magically doesn't put any at the end of this driveway. We need this in southeast Minnesota!

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