It pretty much wrapped up our cold, snow and Minnesota Nice all in one, quick, Minnesota message!

The West St. Paul Police Department, like most law enforcement agencies these days, has its own Twitter page. And like most departments, it uses the account to update the good citizens of West St. Paul about important happenings and things going on in their community.

But unlike most law enforcement accounts, it also has a pretty good sense of humor. (Okay, there are other notable exceptions too-- like the Wyoming, MN Police Department and Chisago County Sheriff's Office, both of which have pretty funny Twitter pages too.)

However, after Tuesday's quick dive back into winter in Minnesota, where a little snow and some ice combined to create some unusually slick roads, whoever was behind the West St. Paul Twitter page authored what might be the most Minnesota tweet ever.

Take a look at it below... it tackles pretty much every Minnesota stereotype: our cold, snow and snow plowing, all while hiding behind that passive aggressiveness we like to call 'Minnesota nice.'  Heck, the only thing missing is a reference to tater tot hotdish. It's a beauty, don'tcha know!



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