I was out getting groceries the other day in southeast Minnesota and came across the strangest-looking fruit I think I have ever seen. Do you know what this fruit is?

It was smooth but has lots of indents throughout the skin, it's a pretty bright yellow, and the weirdest part: the many tentacle-looking things! It would look like a pretty normal piece of food if it didn't have those things on top.

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I knew it was a fruit because it was on display with all of the other fruits but I had to use process of elimination to figure out which label it lined up with. Turns out this odd-looking thing is called Buddha's Hand. So I guess the things on top should be described as fingers and not tentacles.

Carly Ross, TSM
Carly Ross, TSM

After doing some research on Buddha'd Hand, I learned from a website called Frieda's Specialty Produce that they're also called the Fingered Citron. They say that it's one of the oldest citrus fruits, which is so cool! The funny thing is that it's not really for eating because the inside has "little to no flesh or juice". So your options with this fruit are candy-ing the rind, baking or cooking with it, or using it in alcoholic drinks. It has a "sweet floral fragrance and mild zest."

So there you go! Now if you also see this thing hanging out in the grocery store, you'll know what to do with it. It sounds like a fun thing to experiment with!

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