Now that the 2016 holiday season is officially underway, outside of the ‘real or artificial tree’ debate, here’s another hotly debated holiday topic– which do you prefer: white or colored lights on your Christmas tree?


Both my wife and I grew up with multi-colored light strings on our families’ Christmas trees, so that’s what we have on ours. That’s not to say, though, that I don’t like all-white lights. We also have a string of white lights on our mantel plus another couple on the shrubs in front of our house.

And, while not white, my grandparents had a white flocked Christmas tree that was adorned with all red lights, so I’m not opposed to the mono-color trees. In fact, that’s why I added the ‘other’ category to this year’s poll.

This is the third year I've done this informal Christmas tree lights survey. Two years ago, when I posed this same question, multi-colored lights came out on top, taking 57% of the vote compared to only 43% for the all-white lights.

Last year, with the 'other' category also listed (for those other, non-white, but still mono-colored trees), the results still put the multi-colored lights on top, 52% to 42%. (The 'other' category only  had 5%.)

So, which kind of holiday lights do you prefer this year?

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