While I've lived in Rochester for 5 years now, there's still one little quirk I've noticed that seems common here in southeast Minnesota.


It's how we always add an extra 'the' at the beginning of names of various places here in the Med City. For instance, you might hear someone say, "John has an appointment Thursday at the Mayo Clinic."

But what's up with extra 'the' in front of Mayo Clinic? Shouldn't it just be, "John has an appointment Thursday at Mayo Clinic."?

I also hear it in reference to other places around Rochester, too. Like this: "The Lynx played an exhibition game last year at the Mayo Civic Center."  Again, shouldn't it just be, "The Lynx played an exhibition game last year at Mayo Civic Center"?

What's with the extra 'the', Rochester?

We wouldn't say, "I'm going to go shopping at the Trader Joe's!" (Unless, of course, you're referring to a particular location, then the 'the' is needed: "It's the Trader Joe's on 16th Street.") But you also wouldn't say, "I'm going to see Billy Joel this summer at the Target Field!"

It's certainly not a big deal, but have you noticed this too? (Perhaps all this means is that the Curt St. John needs a hobby...)




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