I've noticed this multiple times in my office, and I'm curious... Have you noticed it, too?

Now, to put this in perspective, I'm not originally from Minnesota... I'm a hot-headed east coaster of Italian-American descent from Pittsburgh. So, our "thank you" isn't really a "thank you," either. In fact, most of us from Pittsburgh don't say "thank you." Instead, we tend to go with "alright!" (accompanied by a head nod or two) or some other word that doesn't show nearly as much appreciation! So, perhaps my two cents on this isn't worth much. But, I digress...

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I've noticed, multiple times, that Minnesotans (in my office anyway) don't really say "thank you" when someone assists them or helps complete a task. Instead, what I hear ALL THE TIME is "perfect!"

For example, "Hey so-and-so! I got [insert task] ready to go for ya!" ...and they reply "Perfect! I'll get on [insert task here]". No "thank you" in sight, anywhere.

For the record, I'm not offended by this (I don't need to hear "thank you" a whole lot), it just stuck out to me like a sore thumb! Have you noticed the same thing? Do you do the same thing?

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