It's a Kit Kat Bar in a quesadilla, or a Twix bar in a quesadilla. Last year, Taco Bell tested 'em over in the Europe, and finally, they're testing 'em here in Wisconsin! And here's where you can gettem! ROAD TRIP!

Taco Bell has no problems trying new things. And I'm surprised how many are good, starting with the Doritos taco shells. NEVER imagined that'd go anywhere, and then, boom. I had one. I was sold. SO good.

Will this be as good? Not sure. Looks like they're not doing a quesadilla with chocolate bars in it, rather a chocolate bar quesadilla. The difference? One has stuff in it PLUS chocolate. The other is JUST chocolate in a quesadilla. Scroll down to see a review video.

If they made it with beef and the candy bar filling, I'd be all in. I once had chili with a Hershey bar melted into it and wow! It was fantastic! The chocolate was a tiny part of the overall "flavor profile" (also known to every day peeps as "taste"), but it really augmented the whole dish.

Can I Road Trip to Try Them?

Yes! I got in touch with Taco Bell...

I also put together a map for you. YOU'RE WELCOME!

The Review!