When I was in high school and worked at a fast food restaurant, I was the master at making those chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cones from the soft serve machine.  But I’ve noticed those chocolate/vanilla twist cones are tough to find these days!

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Maybe it's just the places I've been to lately, but I can find both a soft serve vanilla or chocolate cone easily. But it's the chocolate/vanilla twist that's so elusive.

It seems like one of two things has happened to them: either the soft serve machine at most places these days only serves vanilla (boring!), or the more upscale, hand-dipped cones have taken over. Nothing against those hand-dipped cones, mind you – I love me some Culvers and Cold Stone Creamery – but I do kind of miss those ‘ol chocolate/vanilla soft serve twist cones, which, if I recall correctly, sold for 53 cents back in the day.

There was an ice cream place near our house that served what they called the Pound Cone. It was a chocolate/vanilla twist cone that supposedly weighed in at a whopping 16 ounces. And if you ate a certain amount of them in one summer, you joined Pound Cone Club and got a free t-shirt – and also probably needed bypass surgery.

But back to today. Where's the best place you know of here in southeast Minnesota to get a chocolate/vanilla twist cone?

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