With high temperatures expected to be in the 90s today along with some high dew points, it's pretty steamy in Quick Country. It got me thinking about the extremes we experience with the weather here in Minnesota. So which do you like better: when it's really hot, or really cold?


When you look at it, our weather here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can really give you both extremes: the brutally cold wind chills in winter, and the steamy, hot and humid weather in the summer -- like we're experiencing right now.

Last year, for instance, our coldest winter windchill was 41 degrees below zero. And, last summer, our hottest heat index was 110 degrees. That's a 150-degree difference! Many spots on the globe don't vary that much when it comes to the weather.

But which one would you rather experience?

I have to say, after those really cold winters we went through a few years ago, I said I wouldn't complain about our hot, sticky weather in the summer anymore. That, though, was a few years ago, when we were enjoying a couple of cooler than usual summers. Now that it's really hot and humid again, (and I can't seem to stop sweating) I might be leaning back toward the cold!

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