The NHL is fully into the Stanley Cup finals, and two teams reign supreme. Curt and Val have some thoughts, and a wager going, for this one.

It's no secret that country stars flooded Nashville Predators games this series. We completely understand why Music City would take advantage of their location, and invite country's best to sing the National Anthem before the games. It's been fun to watch!

Frederick Breedon, Getty Images
Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

However.... that gave Curt and Val an idea....

You see, Val is from Pittsburgh originally and she's a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. She's convinced they'll win the cup again. Curt says otherwise. He thinks the national anthems are sooooo good, that it'll boost morale and the Predators will win the whole thing.

We'll see who is right. Our wager is simple: the fan of the losers has to sing The National Antherm on Curt St. John's morning show, the day after the loss happens at 8AM.

Join us for a lot of fun, and well... some... errrr, singing... if we can call it that.

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