To words: Vogue. 90's.

Am I the only one that's struggling with keeping the cutest Instagram account? Here's the beauty of this specific social media platform: you can be as artsy and creative with it as you want!

Last night, I had an epiphany; my Instagram site isn't quite what I want it to be. I find myself changing up the look of it every season, and personally, I'd like the look of my page (and all of my social media accounts for that matter) to be more "consistent". Keeping a theme is still the number one tip for growing your Instagram following.

I want a cute, classy, artsy way to show off whatever I'm doing and not be confined to using "seasonal colors" because they're cute. Here's the problem: seasonal colors are temporarily cute.

Cindy Crawford participates in the Revlon Run for Women Cancer Research Benefit
Getty Images: Brenda Chase

What did your girl do to get around this? Give all of my social media platforms a makeover. A 90's Vogue era makeover. What I really mean is; making my photos and content have the look of an old Vogue magazine you'd find at a hair salon in 1998. Kind of what you see with the OG Cindy Crawford.

I know I'm only 28 (meaning that I was born in 1990), but I have super fond memories of those magazines, that era, and those hair salons. I do remember most of the 90's and always look fondly on them. Why not emulate them in my own way? There is a huge "old photo" trend happening on Instagram already anyway. Why not post those same photos my way? You know, with a look that I get excited about.

So, that gets me to my next photo: here's my first attempt at recreating those 90's vibes. How'd I do? If you're wondering how I got this look for my photos, just use the Vintage Lab app - it's amazing!

More photos like this come soon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Are you following me at: iam_just_val?

TSM Rochester: Bridget Befort
TSM Rochester: Bridget Befort

Thanks for bearing with me while I grow and show you more bits of my personality! I'm loving getting to know you!

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