It drives me crazy to see pups left outside year round. While I'm totally for them being out there when the weather is nice, but chaining them up when it's freezing? How is that ok?

Minnesota law states you must give them some form of shelter and bedding at a minimum. Those that fail to do so can be charged with a petty misdemeanor aka a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, in other states, those neglecting the needs of their animals could spend time in jail.

Pennsylvania is the latest to pass a law that states you can't leave animals outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Any dog owner breaking this law can face felony animal cruelty charges, which can include a punishment of 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. That's more like it! Sorry, not sorry.

We read stories about animals dying a brutal death in the nasty weather every year. Hopefully, with tougher penalties and a "friendly" reminder that it's getting cold, we can help avoid those heartbreaking stories from happening.

Do you think Minnesota should have harsher laws?



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