Well it seems after whatever weather we get this week, it sounds like it will be a mix of about everything that can fall from the sky, thank you March in Minnesota, spring should be in full effect and if you have dogs, a laundry basket might be your best friend this spring. Why? Well to keep your dogs from going after rabbit nests in your yard, at least until they are big enough to scamper off on their own.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota posted earlier this week, about why having a laundry basket and some tent stakes might be a good idea for you and your dogs this spring.

Have dogs? Go buy a laundry basket. (you can thank us later)
This is nearly a fool - or dog - proof way to protect bunnies in their nests.
Before letting your dog out, go to the bunny nest (you'll know where it is because your dog or child has already found it, lol) and put the basket over the nest. Secure it with tent stakes as needed. (larger dogs will probably need more tent stakes)
Remove the basket when your dog comes inside so mom can tend to her babies.
They'll be out of the nest in 3 weeks after birth. At that time you can move them to your front yard, other side of your fence, etc. Please do not relocate them to a different area - that spreads disease.
If your dog does injure a bunny, bring it to us - no need to call first. We're open 9am-6pm every day of the year, even holidays.
The post encourages dog owners to consider putting a laundry basket over a rabbit nest in order to keep the baby rabbits safe, for what is a minimal amount of time, 3 weeks, when the babies can be moved out of your lawn, and somewhere else out of harm's way.
While some people consider rabbits to be pests, trust me they went after our shrubs this winter, they do serve a purpose in nature. Rabbits are credited with "helping to keep invasive plants (weeds) under control. In turn, this encourages other plants, insects, and birds to thrive." It should also be noted that rabbits "Are also a year-round food source for many predator species around the world. Wild rabbits only become a problem when they are introduced as invasive species. This causes devastating effects on the environment and local animal populations."
So if you are looking to give your kids/grandkids a glimpse of nature this spring, maybe consider the laundry basket over the rabbit nest, this spring.

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