This winter, we invite you to DO THE DEW! We're teaming up with Mountain Dew for 60 Minute Beverage Blitzes. We'll be at locations throughout Southern Minnesota where you can stop by and enter to win an Xbox!

That's right, you can enter to win an Xbox One, and once it's yours, you can do whatever you want with it. Give to someone as Christmas present or keep if for yourself because it will be YOUR Xbox.

All you have to do to enter to win is each week, from noon to 1 pm, join us at a Mountain Dew retailer. We'll be there looking to get you signed up to win! Just stop by and register to win. After all the blitzes, we'll pull the winner!

Here's where we will be:

  • Thursday, 11/9, 12-1 pm: Cenex at 37th Street NE, Rochester
  • Thursday, 11/16, 12-1 pm: Silver Lake Foods at 1402 N Broadway, Rochester
  • Thursday, 11/30, 12-1 pm: Cenex at 3rd Ave SE, Rochester
  • Thursday, 12/7, 12-1 pm: Shopko South at 2820 Hwy 63 South, Rochester
  • Thursday, 12/14, 12-1 pm: Shopko North at 3708 Hwy 63 North, Rochester

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