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Retired military veteran of Wisconsin, Norman Fuller, is one lucky guy! He won the lottery not once, but twice, and in a period of just 2 weeks! First, he won the Badger 5 jackpot, and then a little under 2 weeks later he won with the Powerball drawing.

Norman is now $171,000 richer thanks to those two jackpots, according to Wisconsin Lottery. First, he won the Badger 5 jackpot on January 25th. That jackpot got him $121,000. The next one was the Powerball win, which he won on February 6th. That one was worth $50,000.

Fun fact, both of his winning tickets were purchased at the same gas station, Kwik Trip #347 in Wisconsin Rapids. So if you're looking to make some quick money, maybe you should head over there to get a lottery ticket, they seem to produce winners!

Wisconsin Lottery writes that Norman is a regular lottery player so he was totally shocked that he won twice in such a short period of time! Way to go Norman, you're patience has paid off... literally.

Cindy Polzin, Wisconsin Lottery Director, said in the news release from Wisconsin Lottery, that the '"odds of winning both the Badger 5 jackpot and a $50,000 Powerball prize are one in 155 BILLION!'"

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