You have to give this guy some credit, perhaps an A for effort. However, in the execution, this Wisconsin man, failed, and failed miserably. Just watch the big reveal from the Chippewa Falls Police Department Facebook page:

The post also includes the text:

Over the weekend Officer Schoenwetter made an arrest for 4th Offense OWI-Operating While Intoxicated. The registration plates on the suspect vehicle, did not match the vehicle. Upon inspection, the plates were not real plates at all................Maybe they are legal in the THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATERS just not here in Chippewa Falls!!!

According to Bring Me The News, a motorist was arrested for a fourth offense of Operating While Intoxicated. This wasn't a typical drunk-driving arrest. Chippewa Falls, WI police looked up the registration tabs on the offender's license plates and found that they didn't match the vehicle. In fact, they weren't aluminum license plates at all. They were hand-painted on the back of a case of Hamm's beer. That's right, a Hamm's beer case was used to create license plates.

Why does it always seem like we hear these kinds of stories coming out of Wisconsin? It's either that, or, Florida. Hey, at least this man kept it local, using a brand of beer that had its flagship brewery in St. Paul. Hamm's is no longer an independent brewery, yet I still remember their animated commercials.


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