Why would a woman be fined so much money for saving an airline snack? Because it's against the rules. Surprised? So were we. I looked into it and here's what I found out. The Colorado woman flew to Paris, had a grand time, and it was toward the end of her flight back to the USA when the bad thing happened.


A flight attendant handed her...an apple. It was just a snack, at the end of the flight. It wasn't the last flight she'd be taking, so she tossed it in her carry on, saving it for when she was hungry later.

She got off the plane in Minneapolis. When you re-enter the USA, you have to go thru customs. She did, they found the apple, and according to Fox News, "...a Customs agent pulled out the apple in the plastic bag with Delta’s logo on it."

She told 'em what was up, offered to toss it or eat it, and, allegedly, the Customs agent told her no go. Here's your $500 fine for undeclared fruit.

The woman is planning on taking the issue to court, though the rules are pretty clear-cut, you have to declare y'fruit! Why sue? Because she says she should have been reminded about the declaration before they landed, or they shouldn't have given her the fruit so close to the end of the flight.

Or, the other option...follow the rules.

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