A co-worker came in this morning with a scary story - his wife's purse was stolen off her shoulder in a big store here in Rochester. While the store was extremely helpful in the situation, we decided to leave the name of the store out of it. This is more of a heads up for what CAN happen.

The woman was walking through the store with a shopping basket when a man ran into her. While they were apologizing for what she thought was an accidental run in, another person took the purse from behind her. In the chaos, she didn't realize it was missing immediately, but when she did she went straight to the store's security office.

Fortunately, they were able to locate her purse thanks to her key finder app on her phone. The people were still in the store.

While this is a happy ending for this woman, it's definitely not always the case with this type of situation. Store employees told the lady that thefts are on the rise again with Easter right around the corner, and that seems to be the case with most upcoming holidays. Travel and Leisure recommends you "carry your purse with the strap around your neck and the clasp against your body. Opt for bags with clasps that require two hands to open or that automatically lock."

For more tips on how to protect yourself, click here. 

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