If you are a WrestleMania fan, this news is probably not sitting well with you.  WrestleMania was rumored to be coming to Minneapolis this year, at least it was on a short list of cities that would be the host.  It was just announced a couple of days ago that the host city for this year would be Las Vegas.  Personally, that sounds like a great place to have the event, but I do realize that events like this do bring a lot of revenue to the city and state.

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There are a couple of rumored reasons as to why this decision was made.  Not so much to have it in Las Vegas, but as to why Minneapolis would NOT be the host city. The first reason is because of "loose lips".

"We’re told that in the past – specifically Minnesota – sometimes leaking that information has cost them leverage, whereas they thought it would increase buzz in the event landing there," he said.

There was also a tweet (or an X???) that was leading to that idea as to one of the reasons why Minnesota didn't get the event.  

There is also speculation that one of the reasons is because of the Uber/Lyft situation.  Many times these events are dependant on rideshare being in the chosen city.  And with that service being up in the air, that may have played a part in the decision.

Hopefully Minneapolis and Minnesota in general will be considered for future events of this type and others.  These events really do help out the economy.

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