For the past couple weeks, we have asked our loyal Quick Country 96.5 listeners to share their Valentine's Day tales of woe with us. And you did! We got nearly 20 eligible entries into our Valentine's Day Redo contest. And now, we've put them together to share with you and let you vote for which entry you think is most deserving of a Valentine's Day redo.

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Read through the entries and then vote for which one you think should win a $100 Visa gift card courtesy of . The one with the most votes will then be able to take their Honey Bun out on a special date to make up for whatever fiasco Valentine's Day was for them!

Check out the entries right here:

Lindsay P.
My husband and I spent the day in court because I got rear ended by a 90-year-old man seven years ago. I had my character questioned by a nasty lawyer who was representing a big name insurance company. Then my husband spent the evening at a city council meeting. Needless to say, it was a less than romantic day for the two of us. It would be great if we could redo our Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's Day definitely did not go as planned. I just started dating again after being single for more than 8 years (single mom to an 8-year-old son). My boyfriend and I were planning to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a couple, which was a big deal to me after being single for so long. We had even given each other gifts a couple days in advance in anticipation.

However, on the Sunday before the big day, we had a disagreement. He hadn't talked to me on Monday or Tuesday morning. I tried calling and texting and no response. Finally on Tuesday (Valentine's Day) he texted me and said our relationship was over. He wanted to be "friends." I was totally heartbroken that it was over, but more upset that I had introduced him to my son and my son thought they were friends.

If I were to win, I really don't need the gift card because there are plenty of people who are more deserving, but I sure would appreciate this story being shared. Being a single woman (and a single mom) in Rochester is super difficult. I'm 37 and guys seem to be looking for young 20-year-olds. If people have suggestions of how and where to find decent, professional men, who aren't self-centered, let me know! I need help!

Lori C.
My boyfriend of 25+ years decided to give me something different this year. He knows I like chocolate. Who doesn't? So he bought me a heart-shaped box of miniature candy bars, which included Twix, Milky Way and Snickers bars. However, I didn't have the heart (no pun intended) to tell him that at work we have a container on the counter that is filled with the same miniature candy bars in it. Needless to say, it looks like my boyfriend will be eating the ones he bought for me! I guess it was the thought that counts and not the chocolate?

Jen P.
I was home from work with our sick daughter and gave my hubby the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe he would do something... until he came home from work. When he did nothing, not even saying "Happy Valentine's Day," I told him he sucked at Valentine's Day. Then he left for a meeting out of town for our son's basketball team and was gone all evening. He was smart enough to apologize the next day and said he'd make it up to me. This gift card contest sounded perfect to make up for our lame Valentine's Day.

Kathy B.
I have the most unromantic husband. He doesn't buy me flowers because he says they die. I tell him he is going to die someday, too, but I still keep him around! He just thinks Valentine’s Day is highly overrated. So my Valentine's Day is just like any other day.

Skip F.
To begin our bad luck, our babysitter cancelled on us. As a couple with four small children, this is a major setback. A relaxing night at home was going to have to do. Unfortunately, while my wife was making dinner, one of our kitchen drawers broke, so off to Home Depot I went, to spend our Valentine's money on new hardware for our kitchen. My wife was not a happy camper that I spent Valentine's night in the kitchen repairing a broken cupboard. I'd appreciate your help in surprising her with a Valentine's Day Re-Do. Thanks!

Monica T.
The week before V-day I became very ill. In the past, Valentine's Day has been unlucky for me. In fact, you could almost say it’s cursed (serious car accident, my well broke, woke up with no hot water, fridge started on fire). At some point, I'd developed a fear of the day. I was determined to clean the slate this year, start fresh, and break the cycle.

I had planned a lobster dinner. My fiancé agreed to clean my kitchen (my only wish). I was really looking forward to the holiday this year. Unfortunately not in the cards. My illness quickly progressed into a double sinus infection, pneumonia, and diverticulitis all rolled into one. I spent nine hours on Valentine’s Day in the ER with every needle, tube, and wire possible hooked up. Alone. With a filthy kitchen at home and sick kids to care for. Canned soup dinner.

Becky Z.
On Monday the 13th, I started having stomach pains while teaching. I left school early, thinking it was the flu. By 10:30 that night, I told my husband we needed to go to the ER. It was a record night there, with 47 patients waiting in chairs. At 3:00 am on Valentine's Day I was frustrated and ready to leave but they finally called me back to see the doctor. The doctor said I needed a CT scan to rule out appendicitis. At 4:00 am I had the test and at 5:00 am I was told the appendix was inflamed and the General surgery staff was coming for a visit. I found out I was going to be the third surgery of the morning, and get an appendectomy at 9:30 am on Valentine's Day. I was able to finally go home at 7:00 pm that night.

Donna F.
My husband and I had to put off Valentine's Day for a couple days. Unfortunately, my husband put out his back this past weekend and I stayed home Monday to take him to a doctor’s appointment His doctor was not available, so my husband only got a quick once-over and medication for a couple days and a return appointment with his primary doctor. So, on Valentine's Day, I ended up leaving work early to take him back to doctor. He was in so much pain!

He is a big guy and to see him tearing up due to pain was very difficult. I got him home and he was in too much pain so I asked him if he wanted to wait until he felt better before we opened our cards and treats. We have been married 31 years and never missed a Valentine's Day, or other holiday without giving each other two cards. Always two, because one just never said enough. One is mushy and the other one is funny.

Alyssa S.
My husband and I had gotten a call the week before Valentine's Day from his family saying his grandfather wasn't doing very well. He decided to drive 13 hours to Tennessee to spend time with his family. We got back late Sunday, when he got another call, saying he wasn't doing well again. My husband decided to move back to Tennessee to spend more time with his grandfather. I helped him pack and he left the morning of Valentine's Day. Really not the way I wanted to spend our Valentine's Day.

Darrin C.
My wife and I only have one income right now because I have been unable to work for more than three years due to medical reasons. I have been trying to get on disability now for three years. And my wife works 40 hours a week and then comes home and works around the house. And for the three years, all I have been able to get her is chocolate. I would like to get her more but we cannot afford it.

Mike L.
The day started out good, with my wife going to my daughter’s Valentine’s party at school. Then it started to go south from there. On her way to work, where they were going to have a Valentine’s party, she reached down to grab some food from the floor and ended up rear-ending a semi-truck while she was doing roughly 45 miles per hour. She was driving her brand new 2017 car that has hardly been driven during the winter. We spent the rest of the day in the ER together. We didn't even get to enjoy supper together, as she was in so much pain. We had planned on going out together that night. I really would like to be able to redo that day and make it great for her.

Katelin M.
My boyfriend of two years and I got into an argument Monday night and we didn't talk again until Wednesday night. He told me he had a date planned out for Tuesday but since we argued so bad he decided not to.

Travis V.
My wife and I have been married for almost 11 years now. We have four kids, ranging from three to eight years old. My wife home-schools them and is with them all the time. Naturally, she jumps at date night, with V-Day being one of our "for sures."

But not this year. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I started feeling not good in the stomach. Sunday was worse for me, and my wife and three of the four kids started getting a sinus cold. By Monday it was clear that all but one of us was down for the count.

She slept most the day while I tried to keep the kids alive, and me off the... well you know. Tuesday was miserable and I hardly made it out of bed. My daughter’s nose, upper lip, and cheek looked like carpet burn. I lost 10 pounds from not eating and dehydration. V-day was a complete disaster: sick kids, sick parents, no V-Day cards, no dinner, no date, and no adult time.

Pam F.
My husband of 30 years has yet to even tell me Happy Valentine's Day! He needs some help in how to bring some romance in to a long time marriage/relationship! I bought him a little red mailbox (he is a rural mail carrier) had his name put on it and some heart stickers and stuffed it with candy and some foot cream to make his tired, sore feet feel better and set it in the refrigerator for him to see when he ate his lunch. He never said a word about it! No thank you, no for cute, how sweat is this, or even a Happy Valentine’s Day! After some tears were shed in private, I took the gift out of the refrigerator and stuffed it away. Maybe we'll see if he deserves it next year! Cold-hearted, selfish men...

Jeff P.
I got her a dozen roses and chocolate-covered strawberries and she didn't appreciate it! Should have saved the money!

Sienna S.
The night before Valentine's Day, my boyfriend texted me at 2 a .m. to tell me that things were just not working. Not wanting to give up easily, I read him the two-page long love letter I was going to give him in the morning. All he said to me was “no, I can't.” So, you could my Valentine's Day did not go as planned.

Nicole B.
My Husband and I were at my 9th grade daughter’s basketball game when we got a call from one of the parents of a player on my 7th grade daughter’s basketball team to let us know that my daughter had gotten her hand slammed in a door at the Byron Middle School.

Come to find out that two boys were bullying two very little girls, and my daughter was trying to help get the girls out of the classroom that the boys were locking them in. In the process, she somehow got her hand slammed in the door. So, a trip to the doctor was how we got to spend our Valentine’s Day!


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