Cold beer, hot wings, football... and legalized betting?!? You might be able to get all of those things at two Rochester restaurants and sports bars, if one national chain goes through with its plans.


The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting earlier this year, and this Business Insider story says Buffalo Wild Wings is now looking at adding legalized betting on football-- and perhaps other professional sports-- at its restaurants and sports bars.

The story quoted a statement from Bdubs that said, "As the largest sports bar in America, we believe Buffalo Wild Wings is uniquely positioned to leverage sports gaming to enhance the restaurant experience for our guests."

And this CNN Money story backed up that claim, noting that Bdubs would most likely try to boost its sales by adding legalized gambling at its 1,200 restaurants throughout all 50 states, saying, "Much of the coming boom in sports gaming is expected to take place online, especially on mobile apps, meaning that many customers watching games at a Buffalo Wild Wings will be able to place bets at a variety of sports books in their states," the story noted.

But don't get out your money just yet. While the federal ban on legalized betting HAS been lifted, it's now up to each individual state whether or not they want to allow legalized gambling.

Business Insider said that it's likely legalized betting will be legalized in 16 states within the next 2 years, and in another 16 more states within 5 years. And while Iowa is on the list that might legalize betting sooner rather than later, neither Minnesota or Wisconsin are expected to jump into the fray anytime soon.

Heck, it was only last year that Sunday liquor sales were legalized here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so I'm not holding my breath on when plunking down $50 on who's going to win a Vikings/Packer game might be legalized here. But you never know-- it COULD happen!

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