My home state of Wisconsin might have a Major League baseball team named the Brewers and be known for its beer, but craft beer is big business here in Minnesota, too-- and especially at the Minnesota State Fair. 

Craft beer here in Minnesota has exploded ever since the law was changed in 2011 (thanks in large part to the gang at Surly Brewing, who really helped get the new law passed) that allowed local breweries to sell beer in their tap rooms.

In fact, according to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, there are now 128 craft breweries operating here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes-- including Rochester favorites like Grand Rounds Brew Pub, Kinney Creek Brewery, LTS Brewing and Forager Brewery.

And that translates to big business at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. This CBS-Minnesota story noted that beer sales at the State Fair topped over $9 million in 2015-- quite an increase from the $2.5 million in sudsy sales back in 2005.

And this Twin Cities blogger noted that it was even bigger in 2017. So just how much did we spend on craft beer at the State Fair last year?

Try $11.9 million! Hoo boy! That's a lotta beer! In fact, it's over a 178% increase from back in 2005. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it!

Which makes sense, though. My wife and I LOVE to try all the different craft beers that are available here in Minnesota, either while we're out a restaurant, making a trip to the brewery or tap room, at the State Fair, or just buying a new six-pack at the store.

And, it looks like we're not alone! Do you have a favorite Minnesota craft brewery or beer? Let me know!

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