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With the Minnesota State Fair starting this week, a new survey couldn't be more wrong when it comes to what it says is Minnesota's favorite junk food.

If somebody asked you what your favorite junk food is, what would you say? Would it be something sweet, like a Little Debbie Snack Cake or would it be something more savory, like a bag of Old Dutch potato chips?

Well, the crew over at Bid-On-Equipment, a website that sells baking and candy-making equipment, did a survey earlier this summer that analyzed Google search results about junk food and then compiled them by state to see which junk food is, in fact, most popular.

And, while there might be a slight debate over how one defines 'junk food,' I'm thinking there might be a bigger disagreement here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes over what the survey says is our favorite junk food in Minnesota.

Hold on to something, because according to their survey, Apple Crumble is Minnesota's Favorite Junk Food.


I'm not sure what an Apple Crumble was, but doing some more research, it's apparently a type of pie. While I've heard of an Apple Crumb Pie (or even Apple Crisp, which my grandma used to make every fall), I'd never heard it referred to as Apple Crumble. But is it REALLY the most popular junk food here in Minnesota?

I don't know about you, but if you give me a bag of Minnesota-based Old Dutch Potato Chips along with a new container of Minnesota-based Top The Tater, I'd first devour ALL of it, and then declare that it was Minnesota's favorite junk food. Maybe that's just me, though.

According to the survey, Apple Crumble finished as the favorite snack food in several other states, too, like my home state of Wisconsin as well as Iowa and both Dakotas too. The survey also found that donuts, pie and ice cream are the most popular junk foods nationwide.

And, it noted that we spend about $20 a week on sweet and savory snacks, with more than a third of us saying we indulge our junk food cravings once a day. What say you... what's YOUR favorite junk food?

Maybe your favorite is something you can get at the Minnesota State Fair, which opens Thursday. Keep scrolling to check out all the new foods, as well as 65 other foods you can get on a stick at the Great Minnesota Get-Back-Together this year.

Courtesy Bid on Equipment
Courtesy Bid on Equipment

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