More snow in our forecast Friday on top of all that snow we got last weekend has the Rochester Fire Department to ask for your help.

Normally, it's the brave men and women of the Rochester Fire Department who are the ones helping others. But now, they're asking for your help... to 'reveal the red' around Rochester. As in, those red fire hydrants that could be buried under that foot of snow we got last weekend.

Of course, we all know how important it is to keep those hydrants easy to get to in case there's an emergency. According to this ABC-6 story, even a few minutes it might take firefighters to dig out a buried hydrant could be critical. The story noted that a fire can double in size every minute, and in a recent drill, it took firefighters a full three minutes to dig out a hydrant buried in the snow.

Rochester Public Utilities can help you keep track of the hydrants in your neighborhood. This post on their Facebook page said you just need to call RPU and they'll send someone out to attach a flag on top of the hydrant to make it visible to first responders, even if it's covered in snow.

The best thing you can do, though, is to grab that shovel and 'reveal the red' by digging out any fire hydrants that might be buried near your home.

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