Zac Brown's legal bid to limit public access to the edges of his land has been voted down in the town of Homer, Alaska.

The Zac Brown Band singer and frontman owns a home and property that's situated at the end of a secluded road above Homer, KSRM Radio Group reports. He also purchased several lots below his land to try to ensure his family's privacy, and Brown had teamed up with three of his neighbors to petition local authorities to restrict the access other neighbors and the general public have to their properties by getting rid of walkways that run along the edge of the area.

According to the Homer News, Brown and his neighbors initially asked to turn their isolated properties into a gated community due to concerns over curious fans. They later dropped that request, but their other petition cited those same concerns.

“I’m not interested in the public coming up to my home, people snooping, walking up to my windows. I’ve had to sell property for this reason,” Brown stated during a public meeting on Monday (Aug. 12).

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The Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission voted down Brown and his neighbors' petition after two and a half hours of public debate on Monday.

Another nearby resident named John Fowler and some other neighbors are trying to turn the walkways at issue into a public trail, and Brown claimed at the hearing that Fowler has been threatening him by saying "if I didn’t buy his property, or allow him access through my property to build his trail system that connects, that he was going to make it hard on me and start broadcasting that is where I live.”

Brown also said that his address has since been publicized in the Homer News and that he's received two emails from Fowler saying that he's "not going to like how this turns out" and that he's "on thin ice."

"I don’t respond well to being bullied, I don’t respond well to be being extorted, I don’t [like] somebody coming and telling me they are gonna have their way with my property or my home without my consent," Brown said, accusing Fowler of enlisting Kenai Peninsula Borough assemblyman Willy Dunne to help vote down the petition. Dunne denies that claim, though he says he knows Fowler.

Brown and his neighbors have the option of submitting their request and the commission's decision to the State of Alaska for review if they want to continue to press their case.

Brown has spent much of the summer on the road with Zac Brown Band. The award-winning group recently released a powerful new ballad titled "Leaving Love Behind." They're set to release a new album, The Owl, on Sept. 20.

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