The cost of everything has increased a ton over the past year, but especially the cost of buying a home. The housing market is absolutely nuts (I could complain about that all day!) but we're here to talk about the most expensive places to live in Minnesota based on the average price of a home in the area. We'll dream for a second that we can afford these.

This list of the most expensive places to live in Minnesota is based on information from Stacker. All of the homes I'll feature a picture of are priced over $1,000,000.

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10 Most Expensive Places to Live in Minnesota

Based on average home prices, these are the most expensive places to live in Minnesota based on information from Stacker

My husband and I would love to buy a house but so far things aren't looking great with this market. If you have any tips, info, or advice, feel free to message me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! (@carlyrossonair)

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