"Sweet Brown" started this list when she went viral in 2012. I'm just finishing it.

If you don't know the name Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins, you probably know her famous saying.

Yep. In 2012, she clearly declared that "no one" had "time" for fires during a news report on a local fire. Honestly, she's not wrong. Who does!?? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I decided to take this "list" she started, and spin it with a Minnesota twist. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present ten things that Minnesotans absolutely do not "have time" for.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles. Duh. Stupid Parrots.
  • Slow mergers. Let's be honest, no matter how "nice" we're being by letting them slide - we hate them.
  • Stupid 'sconies. Lookin' at you, Wisconsin. Keep your cheese and Packers to yourself, please. Well, maybe not the cheese. I actually like cheese.
  • People who won't eat poutine. If you have a problem with this Canadian delicacy, we have a problem with you.
  • Mistaking our state capital. Minneapolis is cool - but St. Paul is our capital. Remember that.
  • Asking us about Fargo. No, we don't ALL sound like that.
  • Refusing to try a "hotdish". Here; we'll call it a "casserole" - do you feel better now?
  • Purple haters. Prince and the Vikings made the color cool, so you can suck it.
  • Complaints about the weather. We get it. Seven months out of the year it can feel like a tundra to you. Relax, spring is coming.
  • Making fun of our "accent". It's just not nice, DONTCHA KNOW!?

I've only been a Minnesotan for almost two years, and this still already annoys me. How about you?

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