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Austin, MN (KROC AM News) - A three-vehicle accident in Austin Thursday left a 13-year-old girl from Texas with life-threatening injuries.

She was a passenger in a pickup truck that was rear-ended by a semi-truck on I-90 around 7:00 pm.

The State Patrol says a car “was attempting to merge into the right lane from the acceleration/deceleration lane” next to the pickup truck. The report says the driver of the pickup “braked to avoid a collision” and the semi-truck then ran into the rear of the pickup.

An 11-year-old boy from Texas who was also in the pickup suffered non-life threatening injuries. The pickup was driven by 50-year-old Ramon Moya of Edinburg, Texas.

The car was driven by 46-year-old Genet Teketel of Austin. A 5-year-old Rochester boy and an infant from Austin were in her car.

The semi-truck was driven by 60-year-old Danny Hoffman of Worland, Wyoming.

News update:  A $100 gift card is being offered to Minnesotans who get a Covid shot.

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