Ever driven around town looking for pizza and mistakenly seen a "Pizza Hut building" that wasn't actually a Pizza Hut? IT PLAYS WITH MY EMOTIONS.

You get sooooooo excited at that famous Pizza Hut style building, thinking it has pizza, and it doesn't. It's a tax office, a pharmacy.... anything but a place that sells pizza. It's such a buzzkill!

Yesterday, I ran across a video from my hometown that accurately describes my frustration with this situation.

Yep, yinz didn't know people from Pittsburgh talked that way did ya!? That's a whole other blog sometime...

Anyway! I decided to see what funny buildings "used to be Pizza Hut" in Minnesota, and Reddit didn't leave me disappointed. Here are two locations where you can find weird Minnesota buildings that used to be a Pizza Hut.

  • Lakeville: Technically it's still a Pizza Hut, but it's funny how they tried to reconcile different building designs. The post author (Glassantler) writes, "Pizza Hut closed in 2012, sat empty for 5 years until another company opened a Pizza Hut there. No, I'm not kidding I laughed so hard at the irony of this location reopening as another pizza hut."
  • Crookston: It's now a restaurant called, "Authentic Mexican Food" - I wish I were kidding.

Do you recognize any of these locations? I have yet to see any Rochester, but feel free to add to my list!

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